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Are you a fan of Fantasy Metamorfaces? Would you like to get painted or receive a balloon from us for free? Occasionally, we have public events, and you can visit us for free, sponsored by our amazing clients.

Sunday, 24th September 2023
Face Painting
Spring Market


Sunday, 24th September 2023
Grand View Hotel, Cleveland
Face Painting with Claudia

School Holiday Fun


Saturday, 30th September 2023
Habitat Early Learning, Nundah
Face Painting & Balloon Twisting

Community Open Day

Saturday 30th September 2023
Graze In The Gap
Face Painting with Suzie

Saturday, 7th October 2023
21 Windorah Street, Stafford

RSPCA Op-Shop Stafford Opening


Sunday, 8th October 2023
Brisbane German Club
Face Painting


Sunday 15th October 2023
Brisbane German Club
Balloon Twisting


Sunday, 22nd October 2023
Brisbane German Club
Face Painting


What is the best time to book?

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Does time really matter? Yes and no. There are some consideration when choosing a time for the party. Here, we discuss some of the pros and cons of the different periods in the day, to help you choose the best time for you.

To begin, we contemplate the times of the day. Morning, noon, afternoon, late afternoon and night. Majority of people tend to book within the first 3 periods, with noon or the lunch period being the most popular. In some cultures, night seems pretty popular. Here are some things to consider for each of these time periods.


  • children’s extracurricular activities
  • difficult to find undercover areas at parks
  • can provide more snack type foods for guests


  • difficult to find undercover areas at parks
  • can be the hottest time of day in summer
  • need to provide more substantial lunch type food for guests
  • most difficult time to book children’s entertainment


  • easier to find undercover areas at parks
  • can provide more snack type foods for guests
  • nap time for babies and toddlers

Late Afternoon

  • dusk is a common time for insect bites
  • can start being cold in winter
  • easy to find undercover areas at parks
  • can provide more snack type foods for guests
  • easy to book children’s entertainment


  • not suitable for park celebrations
  • greater risk of insect bites if outdoors
  • need to provide more substantial dinner type food for guests
  • tired kids
  • may clash with kid’s sleep time
  • easiest time to book children’s entertainment

Specifically, when it comes to the children’s entertainment business, the lunch period between 11-1pm is the most popular time requested by families. Whilst this may be the case for our clients, within the industry, it is the least coveted time. For a business to be a success, one of the things that contributes to this is the ability to fit as many bookings throughout the day. In the face painting and balloon twisting industry, it is not uncommon to find that there is a 2 hour minimum booking policy.

In most cases, morning bookings start as early as 9am and are usually done by 12 or 12:30pm. And in the afternoon, 1-2pm is another common start time, finishing usually before late afternoon. A lunch time booking can sometimes restrict a business’ ability to fit at least 2 bookings in the day, depending on the times they have been booked. For those who tend to book at the last minute, they may find that noon bookings are the hardest to find. On the contrary, booking for a night event is often the easiest.

After considering all the pros and cons mentioned above, the goal is to help families to choose the best time for their parties.

Why do we need a wet weather plan?

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The great outdoors seems like a wonderful idea for a party venue. It has unlimited space, surrounded by the sounds, smells and sights of nature, and great facilities for the kids to run around and enjoy themselves. The benefits of easy cleaning after the party also makes it too tempting. But how often do we stop to think about a wet weather plan?

Party planning can often be stressful, when we consider all the effort, money and time we put into planning. Some of these considerations include:

  • guest list
  • party favours
  • decorations
  • food & drinks
  • entertainment

But did you stop to think, what you would do if it rained? Some parties also involve other professional services such as catering and entertainment to name a few. It is important to consider how a late cancellation due to wet weather can affect these often small businesses. In some cases, ingredients need to be specially bought and prepared well in advance of the special day. Bookings are often made weeks and sometimes months in advance also, so it is very unlikely when a client cancels either due to ill-health or wet weather, that these businesses will have another replacement booking. Hence, businesses often have a cancellation policy and this could mean that you are liable for charges.

Small businesses do not have the luxury of collecting sick days or insurance for cancellations for whatever reason. So, whilst a cancellation may seem the best option if it rains, we really need to consider how this may also affect the people whom you have hired to provide a service. Some solutions include:

If you speak to your service provider, often they may have some local suggestions for an alternative venue. Some of these venues can be fairly inexpensive. For comfort and peace of mind, I think a small investment for an indoor venue is a good compromise to save the party and all the invested and combined efforts already made for the party. Rose Contest

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We are so proud to have won‘s June 2020 Rose contest.  At Fantasy Metamorfaces, we strive to continually work on our skills, whether it be face painting or balloon twisting, or business.


Being stagnant, isn’t even in our vocabulary.  Part of being a successful artist and business, involves consistent effort to improve.  Having goals are important, it helps us to visualise what we want to achieve. Excuses, creates more excuses.  Learning is the journey of life.


This year, our principal artist Elaine has achieved so many goals:

  • instructor at Smile Creators – an online learning platform for anyone wanting to learn how to face paint.
  • instructor at FabaTV –  an online learning platform for anyone wanting to learn how to face paint, body paint, airbrush, balloon twist, business and much more.
  • Youtube – created a free line work tutorial series to help other artists improve on their line work skills.


Her goals do not end there.  Within the international face painting communities, she continues to encourage and support her fellow artists, new or experienced.  Helping our junior artists is all part of the responsibilities of being an experienced artist.  And as experienced artist, we can also help our other experienced artists by supporting their creativity with positive encouragement and cheer.

Good, cheap or fast?

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Good, cheap or fast? That is the questions.

You’re planning a party. There will be kids present. It might be a children’s birthday party, a family function, or maybe a public event. When it comes to paid children’s entertainment, the most common ideas are either face painting, balloon twisting or a combination of the two.

These days, the most common places for people to find a face painter are either from your local classifieds, Facebook marketplace or internet search. But with so many artists to choose from, how do you make a decision. Do check out the other blog article Face Painters – key considerations when hiring, it has some good things to think about.

However, getting to the point, what is most important to you? If you could only choose one option, what would you choose? A good, experienced artist that paints stunningly? Or, is budget the most important to you, and finding the one that is the cheapest that does the job? Perhaps, it’s for a busy school fair and it’s important that the artist is fast and gets through as many kids as possible within a certain time.


In the arts industry, it is a common saying, that if you want a great artist, this person will not be cheap or fast. Likewise, a cheap artist will not be very good or particularly fast. And a fast artist, will not paint particularly well, nor will they be cheapest.

You see, in order to do a great job, you need the time to add the details and create a master piece. A great artist also would have spent many hours practicing, and may have financially invested in courses to develop their skills. The more skilled an artist, the more they are likely to charge. The saying, “you pay for what you get”, usually rings true.

Of course, not everyone is made of money, nor have an unlimited budget. At times, this may be the most important factor to some. Usually, the cheaper artists are a reflection of their skill levels. As the artist’s skills develop, their fees also increases as a reflection. A developing artist will always be slower due to lack of experience, confidence and time management.

An experienced artist and business person, can usually adjust to suit some of the requirements. They can be paint well when it is slower paced, and when it gets busy, be less detailed and work faster. Depends on the overall skills of this artist, they can range in pricing.

As artists and business owners, we realise that. We know that we aren’t right for every customer. Finding the right fit between client and artist is important. Hopefully, this article has assisted you to make that choice.

Our Artists

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Here at Fantasy Metamorfaces, our goal is to help you make your party entertainment a success.  Growing a successful business cannot be done alone.  We adopt the popular quote, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  A successful business depends on the support of its people to help it grow.


“Accomplishing your missions and taking care of your team, are one and the same.  No victory is ever won single-handedly.  First-rate leaders treat glory as a communal reward, to be share and enjoyed by all.” “If you’re any good, you know that this isn’t about you.  There’s a company of men depending on you with their lives, or a corporation of people who rely on you for employment.  It’s about your team, the passion you share and how you put that passion to work, making something great.  Act accordingly.  Ask you team more questions.  Listen intently to the answers and take their ideas and feelings into consideration.” Isaac Oates – (CEO of Justworks)

Our team and principles

Our business aims at providing premium services to our clients. Majority of the time, business owner Elaine is the main artist. However, it isn’t possible to be in multiple locations at one time. For those occasions, we use only the best artists. Our team is constantly growing.

The artists we use are all independent artists who work under our banner when required. To qualify working through this business, our artists have gone through an informal interview to discuss our business principles and what is required when they work under our banner. Each of them possess their own current Blue Card and Public Liability Insurance (PLI). At Fantasy Metamorfaces, our business is proud of our professionalism, honesty and transparency. Our clients can feel confident  that the advise they are given is for their best interest, rather than to close the deal.