• This is Elaine‘s second webinar for Facepaint.com hosted by owner Blake Cabot.  In this webinar, she will teaching viewers how to create beautiful princess crown and tiara face painting designs.  It is one of her favourite themes to paint.  If you’d like to view the video, click the video below:   You can also access the original article by Facepaint.com, HERE.   Samples of the designs in this webinar   Elaine also teaches one-on-one classes either
  • We are so proud to have won FacePaint.com‘s June 2020 Rose contest.  At Fantasy Metamorfaces, we strive to continually work on our skills, whether it be face painting or balloon twisting, or business.   Being stagnant, isn’t even in our vocabulary.  Part of being a successful artist and business, involves consistent effort to improve.  Having goals are important, it helps us to visualise what we want to achieve. Excuses, creates more excuses.  Learning is the
  • Good, cheap or fast? That is the questions. You’re planning a party. There will be kids present. It might be a children’s birthday party, a family function, or maybe a public event. When it comes to paid children’s entertainment, the most common ideas are either face painting, balloon twisting or a combination of the two. These days, the most common places for people to find a face painter are either from your local classifieds, Facebook
  • In this webinar hosted by Facepaint.com owner, Blake Cabot, join Elaine, the artist from Fantasy Metamorfaces.  She will be painting fast and effective designs using one stroke paints.  These designs will come in handy for long, busy lines.   If you’d like to read the original article by Facepaint.com, please click HERE.
  • Face Painting Christmas Event @ ERM Power, Eagle Street
    Here at Fantasy Metamorfaces, our goal is to help you make your party entertainment a success.  Growing a successful business cannot be done alone.  We adopt the popular quote, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  A successful business depends on the support of its people to help it grow.   “Accomplishing your missions and taking care of your team, are one and the same.  No victory is ever won single-handedly.  First-rate leaders treat
  •   We have ventured into creating a series of line work tutorials available to the public.  Whether you are new to face painting, an amateur or professional artist, one can always continue to learn from others. As artist, we continue to inspire each other learn new techniques and grow our skills. In fact, it was my quest for improving my line work technique that inspired me to create this series for line work practice for