Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions for face painting and balloon twisting …

Yes, we ensure that our blue card is kept up to date. We are also insured through Duck for Cover.
Yes, we have a minimum booking time of 2 hours.
As small businesses, our income relies very much on trying to fit as many bookings into our day as possible. We do not want to offend our clients, but very much appreciate your understanding with this. If at all possible, please try to refrain from booking an 11am or 11:30am start time, if you want to book only a 2 hour party. However, if you have to book this time, we may have other artists in our team who can cover your party.
We are based in the Brisbane Bayside. We also service all areas as far as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for events over 4 hours. However, in saying that, travel fees do reflect the distance we have to cover in a round trip (ie. to and from the event location). Travel fees include our time on the road, fuel and any tolls incurred. We also have a reliable team of local artists throughout these regions, so we can organise one of these artists to cover your event instead. For our national clients outside of Queensland, we can also arrange an artists for you, as our network of artist is vaste.
The amount of children we can service, depends on what services you are after. To give you a rough idea…
  • face painting = 8-10 per hour
  • balloon twisting = 8-10 per hour
  • face painting and balloon twisting = 4-5 per hour
The "recommended" numbers above are just a guideline, and to ensure we provide you with the best work possible. For small private bookings, the more kids you have, the less detailed the designs. We take great pride in our work and designs, so, where possible, we always try to create and capture the best designs for you to remember. For large scale events, we could probably cater to more kids. As professionals, we can adjust our designs depending on how many kids we have in line, so that we can add more details to designs where we have more time, and less details when our lines are busy.
We will bring a table and 2 chairs, cushions to prop up the little ones, water, sanitisers, my painting and/or balloon kits
You can be assured that we only use professional cosmetic grade products. Some of our paint and glitter brands include but are not limited to, Wolfe, TAG, Global, Cameleon, Mehron, Superstar, DFX, Fusion, FPA We mostly use Qualatex balloons which do contain latex. Did you know Balloons are made from latex (sap from a tree) they are plant based and NOT plastic. We are very careful with our balloons – we did not use helium in this creation and all our balloons are tied together so they cannot escape. We are very conscious of the environmental impact of balloons that are released and support the banning of balloon releases world wide!! Because even though they are latex and decompose – it is still littering and they still take time to break down – so look after your environment and animals by looking after your balloons
If we are booked for an outdoor event, you will need to provide shade or a gazebo. If at all possible, please position us close to where we can change or dispose off our paint water. Lighting is extremely important for our job, especially for face painting. Please think about lighting when deciding where to position us.
It is recommended for children to be above the age of 3 years. However, we have attended and painted at many parties where the children have been younger, and we have painted them at the request of the parent(s). Whilst every care is taken to keep your child safe, parents are responsible for the care of each and every child that is painted. We are not minders. As long as the child is willing to be painted, we are happy to paint a design that is appropriate for their age on an area that is safe.
Ideally, it would be good not to have to paint a sick child. If at all possible. Please be considerate and inform the artist of any illnesses, however small. We would like to be considerate to others and not pass any contagions around. Minor illnesses has the potential to cause major problems to others who are immune-compromised. In addition, as small business owners, we do not have the luxury of taking sick leave. Taking time off for a confirmed booking due to illness, means that we may disappoint our clients who have been looking forward to having us. Of course, in most instances, we are able to find a replacement for you. In most cases, no work = no pay, we do not get sick leave entitlements. Let the artist know if there are any issues, so we can see what we can do to include the child as much as possible.
We recommend cleaning the skin with warm soapy water and rinse off with water. Make up removers and baby wipes whilst convenient, has the potential to make the paint stain worse, and cause an allergic reaction when combined with paint. The allergic reaction is rare, but we would like to make you aware of this for prevention. If you think your child may be allergic to paint, and would still like to have them painted, I am happy to do a patch test prior to being further painted. However, we will not be held responsible for your choice to go ahead with the painting.
The glitters we use are all professional grade glitters and are cosmetic grade. On the job, we try and advise as many parents as possible of the importance of using cosmetic grade glitter, as non-cosmetic glitters can cause injuries, most notably to the eyes, and in severe cases, blindness. When you return home, and are ready to clean the chunky glitters off your face, we recommend using something stiff like a business card, ruler or credit card to gently scrape the glitters off your skin. Please dispose these glitters into a tissue or wipe and throw them in the bin. You can then wash your face off as recommended in the post prior.
At Fantasy Metamorfaces, we would like to think we are considerate of others as much as possible, and therefore we would like to have the same consideration in return. To confirm bookings, full payment is required for corporate bookings, and a small deposit for private bookings.
      In the event of cancellations:
      • 100% refund: 14 days (inclusive) or more notice
      • 50% refund: 4-13 days notice
      • No refund: 3 or less days (inclusive) notice
    It is always suggested to our clients to have a wet weather contingency plan to avoid the risk of cancellation. Please be aware that when a booking is confirmed, all future bookings for that allocated time is declined. So, any unreasonably timed cancellations may result in a loss of potential income to us or our artists. We value our artistic team, so, if you have to cancel or postpone, please give us at least 11 days notice, or as much time as possible. Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. **1 day = 24 hours**
Due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be occasions when we may have to either cancel or find a replacement to cover your event. This is not ideal, but we hope you will understand this as we are all humans and life happens. We can assure you though, that we will do our very best to find you the best replacement available.
We sure can, please contact us, and we will provide you with some suggestions. For your convenience, we may also be able to organise entertainment bookings for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or issues you need addressed. Your happiness is important to us, and we would like to help you where possible.