Good, cheap or fast?

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Good, cheap or fast? That is the questions.

You’re planning a party. There will be kids present. It might be a children’s birthday party, a family function, or maybe a public event. When it comes to paid children’s entertainment, the most common ideas are either face painting, balloon twisting or a combination of the two.

These days, the most common places for people to find a face painter are either from your local classifieds, Facebook marketplace or internet search. But with so many artists to choose from, how do you make a decision. Do check out the other blog article Face Painters – key considerations when hiring, it has some good things to think about.

However, getting to the point, what is most important to you? If you could only choose one option, what would you choose? A good, experienced artist that paints stunningly? Or, is budget the most important to you, and finding the one that is the cheapest that does the job? Perhaps, it’s for a busy school fair and it’s important that the artist is fast and gets through as many kids as possible within a certain time.


In the arts industry, it is a common saying, that if you want a great artist, this person will not be cheap or fast. Likewise, a cheap artist will not be very good or particularly fast. And a fast artist, will not paint particularly well, nor will they be cheapest.

You see, in order to do a great job, you need the time to add the details and create a master piece. A great artist also would have spent many hours practicing, and may have financially invested in courses to develop their skills. The more skilled an artist, the more they are likely to charge. The saying, “you pay for what you get”, usually rings true.

Of course, not everyone is made of money, nor have an unlimited budget. At times, this may be the most important factor to some. Usually, the cheaper artists are a reflection of their skill levels. As the artist’s skills develop, their fees also increases as a reflection. A developing artist will always be slower due to lack of experience, confidence and time management.

An experienced artist and business person, can usually adjust to suit some of the requirements. They can be paint well when it is slower paced, and when it gets busy, be less detailed and work faster. Depends on the overall skills of this artist, they can range in pricing.

As artists and business owners, we realise that. We know that we aren’t right for every customer. Finding the right fit between client and artist is important. Hopefully, this article has assisted you to make that choice.