Why do we need a wet weather plan?

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The great outdoors seems like a wonderful idea for a party venue. It has unlimited space, surrounded by the sounds, smells and sights of nature, and great facilities for the kids to run around and enjoy themselves. The benefits of easy cleaning after the party also makes it too tempting. But how often do we stop to think about a wet weather plan?

Party planning can often be stressful, when we consider all the effort, money and time we put into planning. Some of these considerations include:

  • guest list
  • party favours
  • decorations
  • food & drinks
  • entertainment

But did you stop to think, what you would do if it rained? Some parties also involve other professional services such as catering and entertainment to name a few. It is important to consider how a late cancellation due to wet weather can affect these often small businesses. In some cases, ingredients need to be specially bought and prepared well in advance of the special day. Bookings are often made weeks and sometimes months in advance also, so it is very unlikely when a client cancels either due to ill-health or wet weather, that these businesses will have another replacement booking. Hence, businesses often have a cancellation policy and this could mean that you are liable for charges.

Small businesses do not have the luxury of collecting sick days or insurance for cancellations for whatever reason. So, whilst a cancellation may seem the best option if it rains, we really need to consider how this may also affect the people whom you have hired to provide a service. Some solutions include:

If you speak to your service provider, often they may have some local suggestions for an alternative venue. Some of these venues can be fairly inexpensive. For comfort and peace of mind, I think a small investment for an indoor venue is a good compromise to save the party and all the invested and combined efforts already made for the party.