Step-By-Step Line Work Mask Face Painting

Step-By-Step Line Work Mask Face Painting

In face painting, a mask generally relates to designs that envelopes the eye region.  There are many ways to paint a mask, with designs limited only to your imagination.  

Some of the more common ones that come to mind are masquerade masks, super hero masks, monster masks, animal masks, and masks decorated with line work.  

Below, I have created a simple line work mask using only line work with a brush and a stencil to help me embellish my design. If you prefer, you can leave out the stencil altogether, and create the mask with only line work.  

To change things up a bit, you can paint your line work with a different colour, several different colours, or even using  the double-dipped technique.  You can use different stencils, one-stroke paints underneath your line work, gem clusters, liquid bling, chunky glitter.  Whatever you heart desires, feel free to experiment, for when you try new things, you expand your artistic abilities.  



Items used:





The first step is to border or outline the internal shape of your mask.  If you intend to use a stencil to embellish your design, I suggest doing this as your next step, as it will help to keep your lines symmetrical.  

For each line that is create on one side, make sure to do the same on the other side,  I recommend completing your top design first, before you start with the bottom, as it will reduce the risk of smudging.  

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