Our Artists

Our Artists

Here at Fantasy Metamorfaces, our goal is to help you make your party entertainment a success. Growing a successful business cannot be done alone. The popular quote “It takes a village to raise a child” can also be used here. A successful business depends on the support of its people to help it grow.

In addition, here is a quote from Isaac Oates (CEO of Justworks) –

“Accomplishing your missions and taking care of your team are one and the same. No victory ever is won single handedly. First-rate leaders treat glory as a communal reward to be shared and enjoyed by all.

If you’re any good, you know that this isn’t about you. There’s a company of men depending on you with their lives, or a corporation of people who rely on you for employment. It’s about your team, the passion you share and how you put that passion to work making something great. Act accordingly. Ask your team more questions, listen intently to the answers and take their ideas and feelings into consideration.”

Our business aims at providing premium services to our clients. Majority of the time, business owner Elaine is the main artist. However, it isn’t possible to be in multiple locations at one time. For those occasions, we use only the best artists. Our team is constantly growing.

The artists we use are all independent artists who work under my banner when required. To qualify working through my business, my artists have gone through an informal interview to discuss my business principles and what is required when they work under my banner. Each of them possess their own current Blue Card and Public Liability Insurance (PLI).

If you appreciate professionalism, honesty and transparency, you will be informed with what you need to know, not necessarily to make a sale. Give our business a try and see what you think.

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